About Us

What started out as a family adventure to see if we could find gemstones in the wild! has led to a passion for finding and sharing their beauty with others.

We have posted a handful of our products on this website; however, many of our products are not listed here.  Our favorite place to show these beautiful crystals and gemstones are at community markets.  Markets give our clients the opportunity to enjoy first hand, pick them up turn them around, enjoy the energy.

To check out our upcoming dates for markets please click here

When new gemstones and crystals come in we also look to post many of them on our The Crystal Journeys Facebook Page click here to be redirected to our page.  You can also find us on Etsy 


If you are looking for a particular product please contact us and we can forward you some pictures of what we have in inventory.


It is important to us that you are getting a quality product.  We spend time energetically working with all of our crystals to ensure they have been energetically cleared.  


We hope you love our crystals as much as we do.

A little about us:

Lyanne Westie 

As a medical intuitive, crystal communicator and intuitive healer I work with and enjoy supporting others in connecting to the incredible support of crystals.  Crystals are like vitamins for the soul.  There are so many ways in which we can support our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth with crystals.  For more information on my energy work you can check out my website at www.soulpurposemba.ca

Brandt Hammond

A skilled tradesman, Brandt, has altered his abilities to bring his passion for building and design to the art of crystals. Brandt has an incredible eye for beauty.  All of the crystals and gemstones in our our shop have been sourced by Brandt, and the majority of the pieces have also been free form polished by him.  He works hard to find unique pieces and then spend hours creating them into the unique beautiful art they are now. He is always looking for new varieties so feel free to message us if you are looking for something new. If we don't already carry it, we will see what we can do to add it too our collection.  

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